"Victims of bullying…suffer greatly…(bullying) often results in increased absenteeism and lost productivity."  

–Hernan Daguerre

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Bullying in the Workplace?

  •  53.5 million Americans have reported being bullied, harassed and assaulted in the workplace
  • Many companies will be held accountable for workplace bullying incidents as new legislation, including the New York State Anti-Bullying in the Workplace legislation, is created and passed
  • 15 million Americans report experiencing psychological aggression on a weekly basis
  • 28% of bullying victims claim to have reported an incident and the overwhelming majority, 62%, say that nothing was done
  • In the workplace, 1 in 4 people are harassed, yelled at or belittled by co-workers and supervisors alike

Workplace bullying has devastating effects on companies and corporations as they struggle to maintain a workforce that is excited for and cares about the mission of the organization. Bullying erodes employee happiness and job satisfaction, putting great stress on their families as they struggle with depression. As new workplace bullying legislation is being introduced in Congress, companies will face consequences for not creating bully free zones in the workplace.

Effects of Bullying on Individuals

  • Diminishes job satisfaction
  • Prompts employees to use sick days to avoid coming to work
  • Causes sleep, digestive and musculoskeletal problems
  • Promotes family tension and stress

Effects of Bullying on Organizations

  • Diminishes productivity by as much as $180 million annually
  • Increases costs by creating the need to hire and train new staff to replace staff members who have left as a result of being bullied
  • Creates the additional expense of investigating incidents of bullying and harassment
  • Decreases productivity as employees do not contribute their ideas, feedback and best efforts due to a breakdown in trust prevalent in a bullying environment

Women in the Workplace

  • Over 70% of workplace bullies are women that often bully other women for a small number of high-level management positions
  • Women comprise about forty-seven percent of the workforce in the United States but only twenty-one percent are in management positions

Although we believe times have changed, women still struggle to climb the corporate ladder. Women also must consider gender stereotypes that can influence how they are viewed by their male coworkers. Oftentimes, women do not report bullying incidents for fear of seeming "weak" or "whiny," names rarely used for males that might report similar incidents. Women also find it more difficult to confront bullies for fear of being labeled "emotional" or "erratic".

The Face of Female Bullying in the Workplace

  • The victim can be left out of important meetings, doesn't receive important information and could be excluded from social activities including happy hour or lunch outings
  • Women may receive threats about their job security
  • Colleagues spread rumors about the victim
  • Women may use vicious language to interact with one another

Project Bully-Free Zone's Solution

Project Bully Free Zone is committed to sharing our unique and compelling workshops, trainings and coaching sessions to make your workplace a bully free zone. We are fanatic about helping corporations and organizations keep employees happy and personally invested in their work by creating sustainable and long-lasting office cultures of respect and dignity through compelling and creative workshops, keynotes and seminars.

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