"You know, you don't have to be the loser kid in…school to be bullied. Bullying and being picked on comes in so many different forms. "  

–Lady Gaga


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The Project Bully Free Zone Extended Residency

Creating Bully Free Zone extended workshop series
(available in: 5 day, 8 day, semester and full year packages)

All Project Bully Free Zone extended workshop series are available for students, parents and educators of students grades K-12. They may be customized through selection from a menu of up to five 45-minute sessions comprised of classes, assemblies, school-wide events, professional development sessions and parent workshops in one 6-hour day.


Welcome to Project Bully-Free Zone.  Project Bully-Free Zone is a unique academic enrichment program, rooted in the arts, that assists students, their parents and educators to create SUSTAINABLE positive learning communities.

Project Bully-Free Zone is a scalable program that provides students, staff and parents with the necessary skills and tools to integrate bullying/cyberbullying prevention directly into every aspect of:

  1. academic school curriculum
  2. classrooms
  3. school wide culture
  4. afterschool programming

Project Bully Free Zone is a standards-based curriculum that uses the arts to foster literacy, service learning and 21st century skills to promote students’ personal excellence. In addition to providing direct classroom sessions that facilitate student ownership of our curriculum, our school wide approach provides capacity building through our professional development and training for families and links to New York City Department Of Education initiatives.

One unique aspect of PBZ is our online community, the Say Something Beautiful (SSB) Campaign, found at SSB is a virtual community that provides an open and safe space on a national scale to encourage collaboration and understanding.  Students showcase songs, blogs, films and initiatives they have created during PBZ residencies and the public has the opportunity to comment and mentor students on their voice building journeys.

Funding can be accessed through: Title I, Professional Development and Parent Engagement strands.


Project Bully Free Zone provides:

  1. Student workshops series and assemblies
  2. Professional development support for teachers
  3. Facilitation of a culminating school wide event
  4. Student based, moderated online community (
  5. Student workbooks and journals, teacher books and workbooks and parent books (can be purchased in bulk)
  6. An optional train the trainer curriculum for district wide partnerships

Project Bully Free Zone™ Keys

The Project Bully Free Zone Keys create intentionality and open possibilities. In making a Bully Free Zone, we are closing the door on disrespect and opening the door to advocacy with everyone’s voice and choice. The PBZ keys are our core curricular strands/components that facilitate a turn-key process in order for teachers and parents to promote and sustain the lessons provided in each PBZ session. The Project Bully Free Zone Keys are:

  1. Key #1- Creating Safe/Respectful Communities (laws of the room, surveys, discussion groups, classroom management)
    • Common Core Standards: Speaking and Listening SL.6, SL. 7, SL. 8, SL. 9, SL. 10.
    • Creating Character Visual History Lessons on Character Education Standards: 1.III, 1.IV, 8.III, 9.III, 9.IV, 11.III, 11.IV, 14.III.

  2. Key #2- Critical Thinking (literacy, research, critical thinking, inferring)
    • Common Core Standard 10: Grades 6-12 ELA Range, Quality, & Complexity

  3. Key #3- Student Driven (rotation of leadership, listening, empathy)
    • Seasons of Service Service-Learning Quality Standards for Practice: Meaningful Service, Link to Curriculum, Progress Monitoring, Diversity, Duration and Intensity.

  4. Key #4- Songwriting (developing one’s voice, interpersonal connections, creating a product)
    • Common Core Standards: Anchor Standard: Production and Distribution of writing. W.3, W.4, W.5, W.6.
    • Blueprint for the Arts Standard Making Connections Benchmark:  Students identify connections between information and processes across disciplines.
    • Blueprint for the Arts Standard Careers and Lifelong Learning Benchmark: Students apply knowledge of cautious aspects/options of lifelong music involvement.

  5. Key #5- Service Learning Projects Student create and facilitate a project or projects to benefit the learning community in their classroom (service projects, online exchange communities, community service):
    • Seasons of Service Service-Learning Quality Standards for Practice: Meaningful Service, Partnerships, Diversity, Duration and Intensity.
    • 21st Century Learning Standards Benchmarks: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Communication and Collaboration, Information, Media and Technology Skills, Life and Career Skills.
    • Respect for all

  6. Key #6- Rite-of-Passage (cultural relevancy; respectful protocols, team-building)
    • Creating Character: Visual History Lessons on Character Education Standards. 1.III, 1.IV, 8.III, 9.III, 9.IV, 11.III, 11.IV, 14.III.
    •  Seasons of Service Service-Learning Quality Standards for Practice: Meaningful Service, Reflection, Youth voice, Progress Monitoring.

  7. Key #7- Assessment (Goal setting, pre and post peer-review, student portfolio)
    • Violence Prevention Program: Safe Communities-Safe Schools Bullying Prevention Recommendations Benchmarks: Schools’ Role in Preventing Bullying, Rules for Improving Overall School Climate, School-Level Interventions, Classroom-Level Interventions, Individual-Level Interventions.
    • Attendance Improvement & Dropout Prevention  


  1. What is the Project Bully-Free Zone™ methodology?

  2. How does Project Bully-Free Zone™ work?

  3. What does a typical Project Bully-Free Zone™ class look like?

  4. Does Project Bully Free Zone offer same-sex cohorts?

  5. Does Project Bully Free Zone offer follow-up resources after initial programming is completed?

  6. Does Project Bully Free Zone offer services on existing advisory committees?

  7. How does Project Bully Free Zone leverage the arts in your programming?

  8. Can Project Bully Free Zone’s programs address hazing?

  9. Are Project Bully Free Zone’s programs customizable?




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